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Ineractive Landscape

  When you click on her, she dances to nothing but the most refined songs befitting such a master peice. When A is pressed thematic lighting is added, when S is pressed, a similar action happens. import processing.sound.*; SoundFile sound; … Continue reading

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Abstract Animation write up

After being inspired by a video I saw online, my idea for the abstract animation assignment involves a lot of clear overhead sheets and expo markers. I’m deciding between two 7 second sound bites but when I choose one, it’s … Continue reading

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Final Edit Fantasy Landscape

So for this project we had to take five separate images and compile them into a singular fantastical image. The trouble with the landscape I chose was how busy the images were. Forests are filled with a lot of different … Continue reading

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UB Iwerks Animation Flipbook

here is the gif version

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Midway imaginary Landscape critique

first of all… im sorry. secondly I am going to put the tree house into that black space there

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Production1 In Camera Edit

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Imaginary Landscape

I had a lot of fun putting this piece together. The assignment was to take more than three landscape photos and put them together to make a single fantasy landscape. The first thing I thought of was the famous example … Continue reading

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