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Professional Website Design Draft

Picking the color pallette was one of the hardest parts but i finally came upon on that i liked alot. Using this theme, the site that I will be making will focus on everything bedrooms, how to decorate them, other … Continue reading

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Final draft of Kika Karadi Web page  

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maya platypus room progress

While the basic layout is done, but several items are missing from the final design, like how i am going to add a pool to the other side of the room

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Presentation for Production 2 This is the final presentation that Caden Prince, Vittorio Stocchetti and myself gave for our Production 2 class. We reviewed the different film aspects that made up the movie 3 colors: Blue, a french film made in the early … Continue reading

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Artist Page draft

The artist I was assigned to work with for this project is a modern artist named Kika Karadi living in New York City. Her forte is painting in geometric and simplistic lines and shapes. She rarely uses more than three … Continue reading

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Public Domain Final Photogallery

Here was my original design for the shots. I had originally planned to have each category be a link into a more specific series of photos but was not able to make it work so instead i went for a … Continue reading

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Lamp and Table

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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